Harry's Ear-taping tutorial


This is a basic design for keep a puppy's ears in position while the
ear cartilege strengthens. The idea is keep the ear from developing
weakened or creased cartilege, if that's possible. Fear keeps me from
testing the theory by foregoing taping on one ear while taping the
other . Each taping should last about 3-4 days average unless the
pup decides he really wants them off, in which case they will last
about 3-4 hours! Never fear, persistence will triumph in the end.
The ears might start standing on their own in a few days or months
They might stand for a few days and then fall again. I've had puppies
I was still taping at 6 months who did eventually stand up.
The closer we get to the physical limits of ear length/standability
the scarier - and more exciting - it becomes!


I use 1 1/2" wide masking tape, the heaviest duty I can find.
(NEVER use duct tape!) Set out 6 pieces about 5" long
Use rubbing alcohol to clean and removes oils from the ear.
Center a piece of tape behind the back of the ear

Bring the ends around to the front

Do the same thing except going from front to back this
time so you'll have 2 thicknesses of tape. Repeat on the other ear
Put a piece of tape across the back to connect the ears at a nice angle
Use your fingers to keep the sticky side out of the hair

Add another piece across the front. The sticky sides of
the front and back bridges make contact between the ears
Voila! Does he look proud of his new doo or what?