Ch. Major Point Fafnir
(Ch. All Trade Passport x Ch. All Trade Zea Dream)


    We haven't bought many dogs here at Arylan, preferring to work with what we have and produce outstanding Cardis through careful breeding and selection. It's worked pretty well. But every once in a while you see something you'd like to include in your program for whatever reason. Fafnir is such a dog. It's hard for me to say exactly what moves me about him. Part of it is certainly his stellar pedigree. That tells me I've got everything to play with. It's just a matter of breeding and getting it to the surface. The fact that he was owned by Natalia of Major Point Kennels, Russia seemed to add to the complications. But Natalia made it easy to transport Fafnir, simple in fact. So here he is. I'm pleased with what I see. He has a mild disposition. But even more important is what I know he carries inside of him. Let's make it an experiment. You check back from time to time and we'll see what this boy gives us, starting with a breeding to a lovely girl Lily (Arylan Diamond Lil) who whelped 6 months ago, producing a breathtaking female Quinn, who you can see on our Up And Comers Page. I always believe in redundancy to guard against loss, so I will be looking for an additional fine female to take Fafnir to. If you can help me out with that please get in touch. Otherwise check back in a year or two to see where we're at.

  6 mos hip x-ray looks good. Will be OFA rated at 2 years  
  PRA line cleared through U.S. registry  


  Does not carry fluff  
  DM - clear  
  Height at Withers: 12.25"  
  Fafnir was born October 11, 2015