Ch. Paradiddle Coedwig Encore


   Gig - together with her breeder Becky Martin - gave me the best possible start in Cardigans. She practically showed herself and knew always to give her friendliest face to the judge. Her movement was fantastic and when she stopped she simply froze in place. She was also my cheerleader at home, complying happily with the rules of the house and encouraging the other dogs to get with the program. She was an important part of puppy training at Arylan.
    She made some pretty nice puppies, including Arylan's first champion, Leo (Arylan Opus One of Allegro) and lookalike Daughter Lindy (Arylan Flying Start), who has in turn given me a promising boy Rider (Arylan Custom Goldwing).
    Gig found a wonderful retirement home with John and Kathy Crosby of Bastrop, Texas and their 3 delightful Pembrokes who all made the trip to Albuquerque to welcome Gig into the family. Kathy is active in Corgi rescue and has a deep love of the breed. There is nowhere I would rather see Gig spend her retirement years.
     I have been advised that Gig has passed away. It could have been longer but 10 years was still a good life. Rest in Peace you wonderful spirit and natural Mother dog.

Gig's Pedigree