Perhaps it's my Welsh origin, but I felt an immediate affinity to Cardigans when I finally got to know this wonderful breed in 2002! Having had experience with different breeds over the years, I know what I like in terms of a dog's temperament and physical characteristics, and Cardigans have it all! Aside from the robustness and short stature which gave them an advantage in their work herding sheep and cattle, I believe the poor Welsh farmers who bred these dogs over hundreds of years made a priority of selecting dogs with which they could live in very close quarters. Consequently, Cardigans are known for their sweet dispositions and absolute devotion to their owners.
   Helen has a long history with dogs, having shown dachsunds in the 70's and 80's. After a long hiatus to have children she's back stronger than ever. To Helen, it's the intellectual challenge that is foremost, studying dogs and pedigrees, making matches to see what you can get. There's always room for improvement and the job is never done.
    We live on 3 1/2 acres in North Houston with a dedicated kennel building and more than enough room for dogs to run.
We have a few sheep which are mainly for meat but it might be fun to try some herding one of these days.
enjoy interacting with like-minded breeders for whom this art and science isn't so much about winning as it is constantly improving and sharing our passion for what we're doing and welcome anyone who has an interest in the breed to contact us.

Harry Griffith